The N.A.S.A. Program

Welcome to the FUTURE. Hip Hop music is reaching new heights even now in 2017. Those seeking proof only need to check out the latest works by Nickles & WattzSun: The Migrate to Electronics Movement. A collection of futuristic lyrics accompanied by the latest and greatest beats.... "Step into the Future."

A collection of experiences you may relate to.... And then again, you may not. Either way "NEver GROw " (NEGRO) is how I may feel on any given day. Sometimes I want FREEDOM others.... Just a BEER. "NEver GROw " is an attempt at honesty and balance while striving for perfection.    MAY 19th, 2017 is the OFFICIAL release date, if you got it... PEACE. IF NOT LET ME KNOW YOU WANT IT!!!! ty for your continued support. Peace.

Originally released sometime in 2011, I found this classic collecting dust in my dropbox. With that said here it is in all its glory for FREE again I say FREE for the powers that be who shut us down 6 years ago. Everyone else... get it while you can cause I honestly don't know how long this one will last. Peace.

All WattzSun. All the Time

​​​​A collection of work created by  LAS VEGAS ARTISTS... Library  comprised by R. J. Wattzsun... Music featuring Akili Clark, Dj Slimm, Speak Lo, Tariq Star, ETC the Emcee,  Too Tone.... And many more...

​​The Archives


An ep written recorded and produced by WattzSun, this project is an example of what happens when a child grows up a fan of STAR WARS, and takes HIP -HOP as serious as the FORCE.  

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WattzSun's solo work.  "Bars, Production, mixing...  blame it all on me...but hey, If i don't make this sh*t, who will?" - WattzSun

The Migrate to Electronics Movement

Welcome to the N.A.S.A Program. A collection of work comprised and directed by Dr. WattzSun featuring the BEST EMCEES, PRODUCERS, AND Djs.